Zimat Consultores

Cepol is the practice in Zimat Consultores that specializes in political communications, public affairs and crisis management for governments and authorities, public and private institutions, companies, political parties and candidates running for office.

This practice brings together a multidisciplinary team of consultants of ample experience in strategic planning for political and electoral communications, crisis prevention and management, public affairs and political analysis.

Our specialized team provides ongoing consulting services in terms of communicating with our clients and their department heads, including institutional relations, mass communications, and media and marketing relations to ensure the effectiveness of communications.

We design effective and high quality strategies and solutions in order to provide our clients with a competitive edge:

  • We build a unique, attractive and relevant positioning for our clients.
  • We set the most favorable terms for our clients in a public or media debate.
  • We develop discoursive lines that articulate our client’s goals and determine key messages in order to establish a constructive dialogue with its audiences.
  • We design communications programs and tools to generate, position, and build credibility and support.
  • We prevent and manage crisis to guarantee an effective response to critical issues.

    We have over one decade of successful experiences –both in the public and the political arena−. Our communications strategies are designed based on a broad understanding and in-depth diagnosis of the political environment, detailed knowledge of the local key players and the strengths and opportunities of our clients. Our fields of expertise include:

    When an organization faces a complex challenge, we offer solutions.  We build and develop communications strategies for our clients, enabling them to establish and maintain relations of trust and collaboration with decision makers in the executive and legislative powers, as well as with corporate sector and the community at large. We help to create synergy among companies, organizations and government in order to ensure that the organization’s agenda is made known, understood and accepted.

    Long gone are the days of captive audiences and passive recipients. Today, companies and governments have spokespersons, active neighbors, promoters and detractors. We help our clients to build “good neighbor” relations with the communities where they perform their activities. We contribute to and support the construction of an ongoing dialogue and trust between our clients and the community, of mutual benefit.

    The priority of the candidate is to win. Our job is to help him or her comply with that goal by designing an electoral communication strategy that knows how to recognize and seize, to the maximum, the opportunities of the candidate, his or her proposal and the electoral political scenario. Our job is focused on building a unique and relevant positioning that will make him or her the best electoral bid and to defend and strengthen that positioning in an intense competition environment.

    Trust and political and social capital are the cornerstones on which an efficient government is built. The effective exercise of government requires establishing bonds of trust and collaboration with different sectors of society and with the citizens themselves. The communication function is the core of the government’s activities and the element necessary for the construction of leadership for a government official or a political leader to efficiently, and in a permanent way, disseminate the actions undertaken by a government as the responsible body as well as a right of the citizens. That is why we create communication strategies that allow us to effectively spread programs and actions carried out by the government and to respond opportunely to adverse situations to therefore fortify the citizen’s trust in their government authorities and to establish a transparent and constructive dialogue with the society.

    A crisis can put at risk the reputation, work and courage generated over a period of years of a leader, an organization or an institution. We define a crisis as a situation in which the reputation or credibility of a person or an organization can be damaged and its operational or productive capacity can be weakened. Therefore, we help our clients to build strategies that enable them to prevent and be prepared for a timely response in risk situations and to control – when it is deemed necessary – the damage a person or organization may suffer and to protect the most valuable thing they possess: their reputation.

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