Zimat Consultores

We offer specialized research services. Since 1979, we attend the information needs and requirements of our clients with the highest level of professionalism. CINCO is an active member of the Mexican Association of Market Research and Public Opinion Agencies (AMAI), and we have been certified since 2001 by this association as having complied with the ESIMM (Service Standard for Market Research in Mexico) guidelines. At the same time, we are active members of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research).

We believe in the complementarity of techniques, hence we perform both quantitative and qualitative research.



To carry out quality and meaningful tailored researches that produce effective results for our clients. To work aligned to the AMAI Code of Ethics. To apply our skills and experience in the design and approach to representative samples throughout the country, employing in-depth techniques and developing new methodologies.



  • Client-consumer interaction. Given the nature of research processes, it is essential to maintain continuous contact from the proposal and design stage through the presentation of recommendations.
  • Quality of information. We guarantee the sample representativeness, the relevance of the items of the questionnaire, rigor in the collection and capture of the data, the systematic ordering of the procedures and the scrupulous analysis of information.
  • Timeliness of reports. At CINCO we know the importance of delivering the final report at the right time. We thereby try to provide timely answers without sacrificing quality.
  • Clarity of results. We have a commitment to report the results of studies with precision so that information may become a useful and practical tool.
  • Punctual conclusions. CINCO strives to offer relevant and viable conclusions –from designing the instrument through producing reports− that appropriately steer decision-making processes.


    • Inclinations and preferences when selecting from the array of media.
    • Evaluation of new concepts and special projects.
    • Evaluation of sections or scheduled program menus.
    • Comparative analysis of the offer.
    • Usage habits and exposure to media.
    • Audience profile.
    • Identification of potential audiences.
    • Identification of communicational codes.

    Strategic studies:
    • MaRCCO® corporate reputation.
    • Brand image and positioning.
    • Attitudes and motivation.
    • Purchase and consumer uses and habits.
    • Geomarketing studies.
    Studies geared toward advertising effectiveness:
    • Identification of communicational codes.
    • Advertising impact and penetration.
    • Prior advertising assessment.
    • Assessment of graphic identifiers.

    • Diagnosis of organizational climate and culture.
    • Diagnosis of impact of management skills.
    • Perception of change.
    • Analysis of internal communications flows.
    • Detection of training needs.
    • Audit of internal communications.
    • Assessment of specific projects.

    Studies to design new programs:
    • Diagnosis of communities
    • Analysis of expectations
    • Prior assessment of content
    Follow-up studies to strengthen work programs:
    • Project assessment
    • Audit on services to community
    • Monitoring systems
    • Assessment of social campaigns
    • Institutional image studies
    • Study to design political and social strategies:
    • Diagnosis of political and social climate
    • Assessment of government administration
    • Perception of public events
    • Analysis of social attitudes and motivation
    • Electoral studies:
    • Diagnosis of electoral climate
    • Image of candidates and parties
    • Background check on aspirants
    • Electoral trends
    • Electoral anthropology
    Political geomarketing

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