Zimat Consultores

DYEZ is the practice dedicated to develop communication strategies for clients of art, culture, entertainment and sports arena.

We design communications programs for the show business industry, creators, producers, performers and athletes.

We offer a broad array of services to companies, producers, promoters or individuals related to artistic creation.

In the cultural field, we work with museums, cultural centers, companies and governments in the design and execution of their creative projects and endeavors toward cultural dissemination.

In the sports sphere, we handle consortia, corporations, companies, teams and athletes professionally dedicated to exercising any sports activity.


    • Design and implementation of communications strategies and creative solutions for the entertainment and sports industry as well as artistic and cultural production.
    • Consulting for the construction and safeguarding of the prestige and reputation of creators, exhibitors, and artists hailing from different disciplines.
    • Handling of media and image crises.
    • Construction of partnerships and relations among creators and sponsors.
    • Relations with media and opinion leaders.
    • Promotion of tournaments, festivals, sports competitions, tours and performances of artists in national and international forums and stages.
    • Fostering relations and synergy among the entertainment, culture and sports industries with talented youths on their way toward professional development.
    • Courses designed for training, education, and boosting image and media relations.
    • Design and promotion of campaigns to publicize public events associated with the entertainment and sports worlds.
    • Advice and consulting on the design and launch of concepts, campaigns, products and/or content designed for entertainment, promoting a culture of sports, and the values ingrained in a healthful lifestyle that includes physical activity.
    • Development of media plans and campaigns, and launch and positioning of artistic content within the industry sphere.

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