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Ecodigital is Zimat Consultores’ digital muscle. The practice specializes in developing successful communications strategies to create, foster and protect the online reputation of our clients. Today, our audiences are highly connected users who do not necessarily differentiate between all sources of information: they may have seen it on TV, heard it on the radio or read it on a social network timeline. Within this new context, our mission is to help our clients activate strategically their digital presence. All their communications efforts offline must find eco inline. We know this supports the company’s business objectives.


At ecodigital we base our work on two fundamental premises:

Strategy is a key in the digital world. To have internet presence –from having a website to a Facebook page, YouTube channel or Twitter profile− is a tactic that allows us to reach specific communications objectives, and is not an end in and of itself. In digital communications, form is essential. Digital communities have their own dynamics and language, and in some case, these are very exclusive. The development of meaningful content for digital users –status, tweets, photos, infographics, videos, etc.– delivered via specific technological means, will help build the desired reputation among them.


    • Monitoring service to mentions in digital spaces and social networks, in order to identify in timely manner and appropriately contextualize the volume and scope of mentions and chats related to companies or organizations, brands and products, people and even specific movements and ideas.
    • Web production –from visual and architectural design, navigation of websites, through the development and operation of specific tools, all with the purpose of offering a unique door through which to enter the digital world and the broad portfolio of solutions available to render our communications strategies operative.
    • Development web content in different formats –texts, status, tweets, videos, photos, infographics, podcasts, and more, we have a team of expert web editors to develop content with appropriate messages, form, language, periodicity, etc. and answer the needs of digital users, according to their community dynamics.
    • Creation of digital communities. We identify key audiences in the web and influential, their agendas, and create like-minded communities. We integrate different channels on a platform –from a blog or website through social networks− and sustain ongoing dialogue.
    • PR 2.0. Our public relations plans go hand-in-hand with exclusive digital actions, thus disseminating our clients’ actions or positions in key digital media. Relations with digital media, as opposed to the traditional spheres, entail backing up virtual relations with real, professional contacts with web publishers, bloggers, tweeters, and influentials.

    • Using our proprietary methodology, we analyze the needs of our clients to have a digital presence and recommend the creation of integral digital communications platforms –from the concept and management of various channels to linking specific actions to existing strategies, guidelines or objectives. Likewise, we operate our digital muscle to handle threats and opportunities regarding special situations or crisis management, brand and/or product launch, exclusively digital media relations and positioning of public affairs.

    • Jointly with our clients we determine the desired positioning of an organization, brand, individual or idea within the digital world. On this basis we work on strategic lines of action, objectives, audiences, messages, plans, activities and performance indicators. Our approach to online reputation management is to build up the concept, design, development, production and surgical placement of proprietary content that is meaningful to the digital user, uploading it to strategic digital spaces and social networks –proprietary and that of third-parties and key opinion leaders.

    • It is increasingly common to witness conversations, rumors or virtual demonstrations that can jeopardize the good reputation of an organization unleashed on the Internet. In some cases, they may go so far as to attack operational and financial systems. This is particularly true in social networks. Zimat Consultores has transferred its vast experience in managing special situations and handling crisis in traditional media to the digital world. Our ongoing monitoring system allows the timely detection of and effective reaction to events of this type in the digital world.

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