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At Profesionales en Comunicación Financiera (Professionals in Financial Communications) —PCF— we design and implement integral communications strategies primarily addressing the financial community, thus contributing to our clients’ business objectives.

We apply our Comunicación Total© model to financial communications, thus achieving consistent and effective messages to convey to the diverse key audiences of our clients. We build messages and tools that answer to the needs of a specific audience, primarily comprising debt and capital analysts and institutional investors. Our Financial Communications practice comprises three groups of services:

  • Relations with investors and other financial market participants who contribute to an specialized  valuation of the companies we provide consulting to;
  • Handling special situations and transactions entailing the financial community, such as financial restructuring, fusions and acquisitions of debt or capital placement, and
  • Communications services for companies in the financial sector.

To accomplish the above, we design and execute communications strategies developed specifically for each of our clients, for we are well aware that no two situations or organizations are the same.



    We create investor relations programs that are in keeping with the business objectives of our clients and are part of an integral communications strategy. The purpose in so doing is for the markets to assign a fair value to the securities issued by these clients.
    • Design and execution of investor relations programs
    • Offer value proposals for the market
    • Market perception studies
    • Design of off-line and online materials and presentations for stock market reports, board meetings and shareholders’ assemblies
    • Coordinate events with analysts and investors
    • Support and coordination of roadshows and non-deal roadshows

    The increasing volatility of financial markets and the need for greater dynamism in major companies has led to an increase of special situations, such as public listings, financial restructuring, sales, acquisitions, mergers and dissolutions. These processes demand immediate and specialized attention, where experience in similar situations and keen knowledge of Mexico’s main financial and legal advisors become invaluable tools to act effectively. We establish ad hoc teams to handle all audiences exposed or sensitive to these situations: investors, collaborators, clients and bank providers and counterparts, among others.
    • Design and execution of strategies to deal with and work hand in hand with:
    • Primary and secondary public listings
    • Public listings for trade or
    • Financial restructuring, acquisitions, sales and mergers

    The financial service industry faces constant challenges, such as competition, government regulations, new technologies and the changing market dynamics, all demanding communications strategies of broad scope to reach consumers, business leaders, investors, authorities, and the media that influences these audiences. Our knowledge of this sector and its key audiences is fundamental to instrument the communications strategies and programs that our clients in this sector need.
    • Design and execution of communications strategies for financial institutions.
    • Identification and establishment of institutional positioning.
    • Development of offline and on-line communications materials and tools.
    • Liaising with relevant stakeholders.
    • Training for spokespersons with a focus on the financial sector.
    • Relations with media from the sector.

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