Zimat Consultores

In the marketing communications  practice in Zimat Consultores , we provide support for our clients through developing integral communications strategies that contribute to build trust in a company, brand or product, as well as strengthening or creating more solid links to the various audiences to attain better positioning, penetration, credibility, loyalty or support.

We are aware that the most important part of marketing communications is to generate an observable change in how these communications interact with our clients’ target audience. In the same manner, we know that for there to be a solid relationship with the brand, there must be trust.

Our clients tell us that what differentiates us from the competition is the way in which we focus not only on what to say and how to say it, but also how we focus on what the companies or their brands need to do to conquer the minds and hearts of their target audiences. Words are great, but it is the content and action of the factors that encourages loyalty or the adoption of a brand or product.

Our task consists in helping our clients to turn their companies and/or products into great brands.


    The methodology we employ allows us to build or determine the position of a company, brand or product through the following services:  
    • Design of communications strategies to build or strengthen the positioning and reputation of a company and/or its brands.
    • Development of public relations strategies the drive trust and active preference.
    • Marketing programs with a cause.
    • Relations with the media and opinion leaders.
    • Prevention and management of special situations or crises related to products, services or brands.
    • Design and development of creative concepts and brand experiences.
    • Event organization.
    • Development and establishment of maps of stakeholders that have the ability to exert an influence in a specific marketing environment.
    • Introduction of new companies or brands to the Mexican market.